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MEMENTO MORI 10 (JUNE 6-8, 2016.):


-> Before the first match began, AKIHIKO SANADA was seen talking with JUNPEI IORI. AKIHIKO said him that he was very impressed by him during their fight at MEMENTO MORI 9. He then proposes him to be his team partner for a match who will take place at THOU ART I 10 this thursday. Junpei accepted !


-> AIGIS inside the Arena took a few minutes to talk about what happened last week. She said she was surprised to heard that MAYA suspected her to be the one who attacked her before the Open challenge. AIGIS added that if she had to attack someone, she would do it in the Arena, in front of everyone, and not in her back like a coward.


-> The first match opposing AIGIS to MAYA AMANO could finally begin. As expected it was a tense fight, and quite difficult for MAYA who never faced a opponent as tough as AIGIS. But surprisingly she never gave up, fighting back every time. Until MITSURU KIRIJO interfered in the match, distracting MAYA and giving AIGIS the win. MAYA was pretty upset, probably because this match broke her winning streak. MITSURU said to MAYA that now she know how she felt when MAYA interfered in her match, last week. Just before she left the Arena, MITSURU added that she will defend her championship this THURSDAY as always, but none of MAYA or AIGIS are allowed to challenge her. MITSURU ended saying that she dream about an opponent who could gave her a real fight...


-> You voted for YOSUKE HANAMURA to become the new team-mate of SOUJI SETA ! YOSUKE face a hard time at the moment, due to his losing streak who never seems to stop. Will this partnership break his losing streak? We will see tomorrow, when SOUJI SETA and YOSUKE HANAMURA will take on MARGARET and ELIZABETH !


-> The MAIN EVENT of MEMENTO MORI 10 was a team match where MINATO ARISATO and SHINJIRO ARAGAKI facing off against THE RETRIBUTION members JIN SHIRATO and KATSUYA SUOU ! Multiples interruptions was quite predictable with all this growing tension between MINATO and TATSUYA's team since the controversial PFL CHAMPIONSHIP match at PFL3. But it seems that TATSUYA gave the order to not interfer during the match.


MINATO and SHINJIRO great teamwork gave them the win quite easily. KATSUYA was pretty upset with JIN, when MINATO and SHINJIRO celebrate. But the whole RETRIBUTION members finally interfered, inflicting MINATO and SHINJIRO what TATSUYA called a violent retribution, until TOHRU ADACHI unexpectedly interfered as well, and saved MINATO and SHINJIRO, helping them to escape the fight.


Once MINATO, ADACHI and SHINJIRO has left the arena, TATSUYA checked each of his team members, to be sure they are well. Then TATSUYA, with his usual calm but weird voice, summarises the situation, saying that this lost was their first and last. He added that to become stronger, a team have to get rid of its weak link... Each members calmly surrounded JIN, and viciously attacked him during five long minutes, ejecting him from the group. Once that violent attack was over, and JIN unable to stand up, TATSUYA ended his speech saying that this is THE RETRIBUTION 2.0, and they are invincible.


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