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MEMENTO MORI 11 (JUNE 13-15, 2016.):


-> In the first match of the event, ELIZABETH & MARGARET faced YUKARI TAKEBA & YUKIKO AMAGI. With an easy win, MARGARET and ELIZABETH imposed themself as an important team in PFL. YUKIKO looked pained after her defeat. During their celebration, ELIZABETH et MARGARET where interrupted by EIKISHI MISHINA & LISA SILVERMAN. EIKISHI congratulated them on their victory, but he added that if they want a TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match, they'll have to wait their turn, because EIKISHI & LISA are the N°1 challengers. The current team-champions, NAOTO SHIROGANE et KANJI TATSUMI, irrupted; NAOTO saying that she didn't see any problems with defending their titles against multiple teams. So, the next TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH taking place at #PFL4 will be a 3-WAY TEAM MATCH opposing NAOTO & KANJI versus EIKISHI & LISA versus ELIZABETH & MARGARET !


-> After his defeat at #THOUARTI10, JUN KUROSU, exceded by the incompetency of his teammate SUDOU, decided that to disband, resulting in a confrontation between the two mens, leading to this match. Jun quickly took the advantage, but while he seemed like overpowering his opponent, SUDOU cheating multiple times, turned the tide. JUN did the same leading the match to end in a no contest. This rivalry have to stop. That's why a match will be organised at #PFL4, and the looser of this match will exit PFL once and for all !


-> The main event of MEMENTO MORI 11 was a team match opposing AKIHIKO SANADA & JUNPEI IORI to RYOJI MOCHIZUKI & FUUKA YAMAGISHI. Despite being their first collaboration, the last ones did a pretty good performance, but it wasn't enough to defeat AKIHIKO and JUNPEI, who in only 2 matchs showed a great potential. After the match. Akihiko spoke up to say that if NAOTO and KANJI are able to oppose multiple teams at the same time, one more shouldn't bother them. So this 3-WAY match is now a 4-WAY match !


ANNOUNCEMENT: next thursday THOU ART I 11 will show a foretaste of the 4-WAY TEAM MATCH since NAOTO, EIKISHI MISHINA, ELIZABETH and JUNPEI will do battle.


-> Since #PFL3 , we didn't had any PFL CHAMPIONS, as the last match opposing MINATO ARISATO to TATSUYA SUOU concluded with a draw. We are trying to find a solution, but TATSUYA refuse to do rematch with MINATO as he consider that the title is still his property, since he never really lost it. Moreover, TATSUYA created a clan named « THE RETRIBUTION », whose objectifs are to create chaos, in order to stop the tournament and get back "his" title by force. MINATO, SHINJIRO and ADACHI who hold a grudge against TATSUYA made an alliance to stop him. But the raging conflict being problematic, we decided to remove MINATO and TATSUYA from the championship competition. Their war must then stop. June the 19th at #PFL4, THE RETRIBUTION will take on MINATO, SHINJIRO and ADACHI in the last match that will put an end to the first season !


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