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MEMENTO MORI 2 (MARCH 28-30, 2016.):


-> MITSURU KIRIJO defeated the very popular CHIE SATONAKA ! It seems MITSURU could be a serious challenger, that's why she will face an other popular fighter tomorrow on #THOUARTI2 : NAOTO SHIROGANE !


-> Despite the fact that STREGA cheated, SOUJI SETA won this match, during which AKIHIKO interfering to help him ! Because of this victory, SOUJI SETA will face the champion, MINATO ARISATO, for the PFL Championship as number one challenger, on April the 17th ! SOUJI SETA and AKIHIKO SANADA are now allies, and they will be add on the Wheel of Fate !


-> TOHRU ADACHI cheated during his fight against RYOJI MOCHIZUKI, and crushed him ! It's the second win of ADACHI! After the fight, RYOJI asked for a rematch, and he will have it ! But this time, it will be a team match, which will take place on #MEMENTOMORI3 next monday !


The PFL Champion, MINATO ARISATO, will team up with RYOJI MOCHIZUKI to face TOHRU ADACHI and a partner of your choice !!


Yes, it's right, YOU will decide who will be the partner of ADACHI ! Tomorrow, on #THOUARTI2, you will vote for this !


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