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MEMENTO MORI 3 (APRIL 4-6, 2016.):


-> CHIE SATONAKA defeated YUKARI TAKEBA, helped by her friend YUKIKO AMAGI ! During the match, AIGIS interfered to attack CHIE, but it wasn't enough to avoid YUKARI a loss. As a rematch, CHIE SATONAKA and YUKIKO AMAGI will face YUKARI TAKEBA and AIGIS this thursday, on #THOUARTI3 !


-> MITSURU KIRIJO won the fight against KANJI TATSUMI and remain undefeated !


Because of your votes, PFL will soon have a Women's championship ! So, on April the 17th at #PFL2, MITSURU KIRIJO will have a chance to become the first Women champion of the Personas Fighting League !


-> TOHRU ADACHI and MARGARET have been destroyed by the team of MINATO ARISATO and RYOJI MOCHIZUKI ! During this main event, PHAROS interfered to help MINATO and RYOJI with his skills, and as a finishing shot, RYOJI cheated, buring all of their opponents hopes. MINATO, RYOJI and PHAROS seems invincible !


-> NEXT monday on #MEMENTOMORI4 will begin a teams tournament, which will ending on #PFL2. And the winners of this event will be crowned first PFL TEAM CHAMPION !


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