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MEMENTO MORI 4 (APRIL 11-13, 2016.):


-> YOSUKE HANAMURA take his revenge from their first encounter in defeating KANJI TATSUMI.


-> TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI defeated JUN KUROSU and SUDOU. ADACHI and TAKAYA seems pretty confident in their victory at this tournament. They will face the winner of the team match opposing NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE to ULALA SERIZAWA and MAYA AMANO at #PFL2 for the team championship !


-> AIGIS has beaten CHIDORI until she gave up ! She want to be the first PFL women's champion, and she is ready to do everything to achieve her goal. Tomorrow, on #THOUARTI4, the final step before #PFL2, AIGIS will face MARGARET. And the winner of this match will face MITSURU KIRIJO at PFL2 in a match where the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP will be on the line !


-> For his debut, TATSUYA SUOU making a huge impact defeating SHINJIRO ARAGAKI ! Since TATSUYA and YOSUKE both won their match, they will face each other tomorrow on #THOUARTI4, and the winner of this match will face MINATO ARISATO and SOUJI SETA for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP !!


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