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MEMENTO MORI 5 (APRIL 25-27, 2016.):


-> AKIHIKO SANADA defeated JUN KUROSU. AKIHIKO is on a winning streak. Could he be a serious challenger to face TATSUYA SUOU?


-> During the team match opposing NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE against KEN AMADA and KOROMARU, KEN get injured, which mean NAOTO and MARIE won by forfeit.


-> YUKARI TAKEBA defeated YUKIKO AMAGI. During the match, they both have shown a lot of respect for their opponent and fighted with fairplay.


-> As for the MAIN EVENT, and against all odds, JUNPEI IORI and CHIDORI YOSHINO defeated TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI and became our new PFL TEAM CHAMPIONS ! After the match, ADACHI was very upset and turned his back on TAKAYA, attacking him, and saying he was the worst partner he never seen.


->TATSUYA SUOU is inside the PFL ARENA. You all know it, he became our new PFL CHAMPION at #PFL2. He said he doesn't turn his back to his fans, in fact he did what he did for them. Now that he is the champ, the SUOU ERA begin, and that era will last forever.


KATSUYA SUOU, his brother, interrupt him. KATSUYA said he his surprised and a bit disappointed. Since he his so strong, KATSUYA challenge him in a one on one match for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP.


TATSUYA said that KATSUYA is nobody here, if he want a chance for his championship, he will have to fight for this. But since he his in a good mood, he gave him a chance. If KATSUYA can defeate TOHRU ADACHI tomorrow on #THOUARTI5, then he will have the opportunity to face TATSUYA next monday on #MEMENTOMORI6 for the PFL Championship !


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