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MEMENTO MORI 6 (MAY 2-4, 2016.):


-> Before the match, TOHRU ADACHI introduced his new team partner: JUN KUROSU. However, they lost against the new team of YUKARI TAKEBA and YUKIKO AMAGI after that TAKAYA SAKAKI interfered, once again, to attack ADACHI. ADACHI was obviously pissed off.


-> SOUJI SETA and AKIHIKO SANADA defeated YOSUKE HANAMURA and TEDDIE in a great fight ! SOUJI and AKIHIKO made a huge impact in defeating one of the favorite team of the roster. Maybe they could be the next number one challengers for the TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.


-> The MAIN EVENT was a PFL Championship match between two brothers: TATSUYA SUOU (the champion) and KATSUYA SUOU. That was a tense fight, during which MINATO ARISATO, the former champion, interfered to help KATSUYA and take his revenge on TATSUYA. With the help of MINATO, KATSUYA was about to win the match, until he unfortunately broke his ankle, putting an end to the match and to his hopes. The match over, TATSUYA won by forfeit and remain our PFL Champion !


-> After the match, MINATO ARISATO promised to KATSUYA that he will take care of his brother and his championship.


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