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MEMENTO MORI 7 (MAY 9-11, 2016.):


-> MARGARET defeated MAYA AMANO in the first match of this evening. After her lost, MAYA seems pretty upset. It was her third defeat in a row.


-> After several weeks of rivalry, TOHRU ADACHI finally faced TAKAYA SAKAKI, in a fight where they both cheated at multiple times, until it was too much for ADACHI who lost. After the match, ADACHI said that this victory was unfair and he asked for a rematch, a rematch where the wheel of fate will not be allowed !


-> ANNOUNCEMENT: The rematch between TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI will take place at #PFL3 ! This match will be a fight without any WHEEL OF FATE and the winner will be obtaining a match for the championship of his choice !



-> The main event of the evening was the first ever 4 way match of the Personas Fighting League ! And what a match ! MINATO ARISATO defeated AKIHIKO SANADA, KANJI TATSUMI and SHINJIRO ARAGAKI, three of the very best competitors of PFL, quite easily ! Even if KANJI delivered a great fight, it wasn't enough to overcome a very motivated MINATO ! During the match, AIGIS interfered once again to help MINATO, saying she will do everything to help him achieve his goal. After the match, MINATO ARISATO said that nobody can stop him now, he will get back his championship at any cost, and there is nothing TATSUYA can do for prevent it.


-> TATSUYA SUOU who heard everything, entered into the arena. He said that MINATO is as stupid as he look if he really think that he can defeat him so easily. TATSUYA has more than one bag of tricks, and he is clearly ready for the fight ! And this blonde bitch, whatever her name is, who think she could help him is even more stupid. TATSUYA promised that nobody will never take the championship from him !


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