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MEMENTO MORI 8 (MAY 23-25, 2016.):


->MAYA AMANO defeated both METIS and CHIDORI YOSHINO in the first match of this event ! She is now in a wins streak. After the match, she promise to be the one who will put an end to MITSURU KIRIJO's undefeated streak, when she will beat her for the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP !


-> For their beginning as a team, EIKISHI MISHINA and LISA SILVERMAN made a huge impact in defeating Strega members JIN SHIRATO and TAKAYA SAKAKI ! Could they be potential number one challengers for the TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP?


-> The main event of this evening was a PFL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match between the champions NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI and their challengers YOSUKE HANAMURA & TEDDIE ! And that was a one-sided fight, where NAOTO and KANJI showed everybody that they are here to stay, and that it will be difficult to take them their belts !


-> After that all fighters left the arena, TATSUYA SUOU came inside the ring to talk.


He said everybody know why he is here. To get back his PFL CHAMPIONSHIP Belt, which one he never lost. MINATO ARISATO interrupted him, entering into the arena, saying that nobody want to hear him talking about how his life is sad. It's no use to talk, since there is only one simple solution: have a rematch. This is how we will know which deserve to be the PFL Champion. Before MINATO was able to finish his sentence, the three STREGA MEMBERS and KATSUYA SUOU cowardly attacked him in the back, in front of TATSUYA who seems enjoy that.


TATSUYA said that it's indeed no use to talk, since PFL already decided that there will be a tournament for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP, anyway. He add that heard about this tournament got him really angry. But that's not a problem anymore, because TATSUYA, his brother KATSUYA and their new friends the STREGA members will take the lead of the PFL. And nobody can do anything about it !


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