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MEMENTO MORI 9 (MAY 30 - JUNE 1, 2016.):


-> MAYA AMANO pursue her winning streak as she defeated ELIZABETH in the first match of this evening. After the match MAYA suggested that she could accept MITSURU'S open challenge for the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP tomorrow !


-> EIKISHI MISHINA and LISA SILVERMAN successfully defeated SOUJI SETA and RISE KUJIKAWA, one of the toughest team of PFL. EIKISIHI and LISA are more than ready to challenge the champions now ! After his lost, SOUJI was really disapointed...


-> The MAIN EVENT of the evening was the first quarter-final of the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT, JUNPEI IORI VS AKIHIKO SANADA. These fighters delivered a great fight, and both deserved to win. But TATSUYA decided otherwise, sending his team (composed of KATSUYA, TAKAYA, CHIDORI and JIN) attack rudely interrupt the match to destroy JUNPEI and AKIHIKO without any mercy . After that violent beating, TATSUYA remembered once again, in a calm but weird voice, what he promised: his team will take the control of PFL. They will interrupt in any further match of this tournament until the PFL gives back TATSUYA his CHAMPIONSHIP. TATSUYA ended his speech saying that they take the law into their hands, they are THE RETRIBUTION, and no one can escape them.



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