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PFL 2 (APRIL 17-23, 2016.):




-> LISA SILVERMAN defeated METIS easily. It's seems that LISA is a serious fighter.


-> JUNPEI IORI and CHIDORI YOSHINO defeated KEN AMADA and KOROMARU in their first team match together. Could they be serious challengers in the team division?


-> TEDDIE won his first match, defeating BAOFU quite easily.





-> TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI became our first team champions, defeating NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE ! After the match, they both cowardly attacked NAOTO and MARIE, leaving them laid on the ground.


-> AIGIS failed to defeat MITSURU KIRIJO, no matter how hard she tried it wasn't enough, letting MITSURU win the championship ! MITSURU KIRIJO is now the first WOMEN'S CHAMPION, and it really seems impossible to defeat her !





-> The main event for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP was a tough fight ! During this match, the three of MINATO ARISATO, SOUJI SETA and TATSUYA SUOU really fighted the harder they could, until TATSUYA cheated against MINATO for the win ! TATSUYA turned his back to his fans and is now our new PFL CHAMPION. MINATO and SOUJI seems very upset and this is clearly not the end of the story !


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