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PFL 3 (MAY 15-21, 2016.):





-> Since #THOUARTI7, when YUKIKO AMAGI cowardly attacked her former friend, CHIE held a grudge against her. CHIE asked for a match, that's why they now face each other in this team match where both must choose a partner.


YUKIKO obviously chose her former team partner, YUKARI TAKEBA. As for CHIE, she said she had found no partner, so this will be a handicap match. But it was without counting the PFL Women's champion, MITSURU KIRIJO who also held a grudge against YUKIKO. So this fight could begin.


It was a tense fight at first, but CHIE and MITSURU have quickly taken the advantage on YUKIKO and YUKARI and won the match.


After the match, YUKIKO said to CHIE she is sorry for what she has done. She overreacted to her lost against MAYA. YUKIKO went to CHIE, asking for a hug. But it was a trap, and YUKIKO brutally attacked CHIE. MITSURU was about to interfering, but YUKARI stopped her by cowardly attacking her in the back. Then, YUKIKO and YUKARI celebrate, leaving CHIE and MITSURU unconscious on the ground.


-> The second match of the Mid Card was about EIKISHI MISHINA debut ! For his first fight, he faced SUDOU. And it was an one-sided fight, to say the least. EIKISHI crushed his opponents. During the fight, LISA SILVERMAN interfered to help EIKISHI.


-> The last fight of the Mid Card ended sadly. During the match opposing AIGIS & METIS to the team of MARGARET & ELIZABETH, ELIZABETH was severly injured, and the fight had to stop, with a victory by forfeit for AIGIS and METIS...




-> TOHRU ADACHI and his former team partner TAKAYA SAKAKI had some problems to settle. But last time they faced each other, they both cheated, and the fight had no sense. This time is the time where everything end once and for all. No wheel of fate allowed, let the best fighter win ! And the best fighter is apparently ADACHI, who defeated TAKAYA quite easily. This victory give him the right to challenge the PFL Champion anytime, anywhere.


-> Despite that JUNPEI IORI and CHIDORI YOSHINO gave everything they have got, it wasn't enough against the very determinated NAOTO SHIROGANE and KANJI TATSUMI who are our news TEAM CHAMPIONS ! Who will be able to defeat this amazing team now?




-> The PFL CHAMPIONSHIP match ended on an unexpected draw ! This is the first time something like this happening. TATSUYA SUOU, as MINATO ARISATO, was unable to defeat his opponent, however this is probably not the most unexpected ! During the match, AIGIS interfered as promised to support MINATO, but KATSUYA SUOU who was injured and which was in conflict with his brother TATSUYA, surprisingly interfered in this match to help him ! Both was about to win. And yet, the match ended on a draw. Since there is no winner, there is no PFL CHAMPION anymore. The CHAMPIONSHIP is now vacant until that the PFL find what to do with this situation !


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