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PFL 4 (JUNE 19-25, 2016.):



For their first match together since their reconciliation, YUKIKO AMAGI & CHIE SATONAKA faced RYOJI MICHIZUKI & FUUKA YAMAGISHI. Despite their performance, they were defeated by YUKIKO & CHIE, with difficulty. Can they consider a tag-team match against the champions in the near-future ? All remains to be seen, but everything now seems possible for this back together team !





Here is the results of the Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz !




The TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match was a very closely fought battle. Three teams defyed the champions, NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI. Not feared by the challenge, they accepted to face EIKICHI MISHINA & LISA SILVERMAN, JUNPEI IORI & AKIHIKO SANADA as well as MARGARET & ELIZABETH and so defend their title. All of them proved again their abilities, showing that they was deserving to participate at this championship's match. ELIZABETH & MARGARET dominated during the first part of the battle, whereas EIKISHI & LISA prevailed over the second part.


But finally, ELIZABETH & MARGARET managed to stand out from the other teams on the long term, and so won !

They became our new TEAM CHAMPIONS !

This team proved their experience and their perfect synchronisation. Getting the title away from them surely would be very difficult.



- The fight opposing MITSURU KIRIJO to MAYA AMANO with the WOWEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP at stake was close, long and really one of the most intense fights of this season. None of the two contenders could resolve to give up, doing the best they could every moment.


MITSURU fought ferociously and, as in all her fights, with whole-hearted willpower. However, this time around, she lost. For the first time in history MITSURU was defeated. MAYA is now our new WOMEN'S CHAMPION, and will without a doubt be an admirable champion ! After the fight, MITSURU exited the arena without a word, obviously embittered and dissapointed. While MAYA was celebrating her victory she was joined by her lifelong friend Yukino Mayuzumi, which is not a part of PFL Roster, who made a surprise appearance. Maya and Yukino received ovation from the crowd.




- The main event everyone waited for, the season finale, MINATO ARISATO, TOHRU ADACHI and SHINJIRO ARAGAKI teamming up for one same goal: to get rid of THE RETRIBUTION once and for all !

This war started at PFL3, when the match opposing MINATO ARISATO to TATSUYA SUOU with the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP on the line ended on a draw. Since then, both held a grudge against each other, turning a simple twist of fate into a violent war. This had to stop, and that's why this match was made.


But things end not as expected...



THE RETRIBUTION, with their new member, won the fight, taking the lead of PFL !

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