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THOU ART I 1 (MARCH 24-26, 2016.):


- TOHRU ADACHI crushed the young KEN AMADA without no pity !


- YOSUKE HANAMURA failed in his road to the belt, and lost against KANJI TASTUMI. May KANJI be a serious challenger to face MINATO ARISATO?


- AKIHIKO SANADA and his friend SHINJIRO ARAGAKI defeated TAKAYA SAKAKI and JIN SHIRATO. During the match, CHIDORI interfered once again, providing support to her mates, almost giving them the victory. But SOUJI SETA, who was out since his loss against MINATO ARISATO, interfered in the match as well, kicked out CHIDORI and gave AKIHIKO and SHINJI the win !


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