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THOU ART I 10 (JUNE 9-11, 2016.):


-> The team of AKIHIKO SANADA & JUNPEI IORI defeated the team of JUN KUROSU & SUDOU in an one-sided match ! If AKIHIKO and JUNPEI keep up the good teamwork, it may lead them to a championship match soon ! Once AKIHIKO and JUNPEI left the Arena, a disappointed JUN took the floor to announce that he will never team up with Sudou again, adding that he is the worst team partner he had in his whole life.


-> MARGARET and ELIZABETH defeated SOUJI SETA and YOSUKE HANAMURA in their first team match together. This lost was quite unexpected to SOUJI, who really seemed upset, him who wanted to conquer the team division. After the match, SOUJI helped YOSUKE to stand up and then left the arena together.


-> The Main event of THOU ART I 10 was the fifth editions of the MITSURU'S OPEN CHALLENGE. NAOTO SHIROGANE, one part of the team champion, accepted to the challenge ! It was a tough and tense fight as expected, and NAOTO was really close to the win. But once again, MISTURU don't gave up, fighting relentlessly, until NAOTO couldn't continue. MITSURU retain the title, remaining our still undefeated WOMEN'S CHAMPION ! Once the fight over, MAYA AMANO entered into the arena. She came to ask MITSURU a championship match. MITSURU was at first surprise, asking MAYA if she really think herself able to defeat her when even NAOTO failed. MAYA answered that she have no doubt about her abilities, she know that MITSURU is undefeated, but she's not undefeatable. MITSURU claim herself a fighting champion, that's why MAYA want a championship match. MITSURU never defeated MAYA. MITSURU finally accept and gave MAYA a championship match. This match will take place at #PFL4 ! MITSURU, who was about to leave, added that if MAYA dare interrupt her once again, she will be executed.



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