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THOU ART I 11 (JUNE 16-18, 2016.):


-> Before the beginning of THOU ART I, YUKIKO AMAGI enters the arena, apparently to make an announcement. She says that after her defeat against MAYA AMANO at THOU ART I 7, she lost her mind. She was so angry about her failure, while seeing CHIE succeeding, that she began getting jealous of her. CHIE is strong and brave, she never gives up. YUKIKO would like to learn alongside of her, instead of fighting against her endlessly. She remembered the value of her friendship, and so she asks CHIE to forgive her. CHIE enters the arena, facing YUKIKO. First, she doubts, asking if it is a trap again, but YUKIKO nods. CHIE tells her that she doesn't bear a grudge against her, she never did. She also remembers that she was jealous of YUKIKO at some point. The two friends seem to make up.


-> Before the main event, TEDDIE was pretty excited. He just make his surprise for #PFL4 public ! It's time to see the Persona fans' skills with a game up to the event: the Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz !!


-> The main event was a sort of a foretaste of the 4-WAY TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH of PFL4. NAOTO SHIROGANE, EIKISHI MISHINA, ELIZABETH and JUNPEI IORI met in this 4-way match. The fight was intense, all of them showed many times their abilities, and JUNPEI only just won with difficulty! While the match was ended, EIKISHI and JUNPEI were still fighting. NAOTO and ELIZABETH tried to stop them, but instead, they was mingling to the conflit that get worse. KANJI TATSUMI came first in the arena to help her partner NAOTO. Then, AKIHIKO SANADA steped in, followed by LISA SILVERMAN and finally MARGARET. The 4 teams which participate in the 4-WAY TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match provided for PFL4 were gathered in the arena. The determination could be read in each challenger's eyes. Which team will come out a winner of PFL4 with the belts? Watch this space !


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