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THOU ART I 2 (MARCH 31- APRIL 2, 2016.):


-> AKIHIKO SANADA defeated TAKAYA SAKAKI once again, ending this rivalry on a win. During the match, SHINJIRO ARAGAKI and SOUJI SETA interfering to help their friend AKIHIKO !


-> MITSURU KIRIJO defeated her opponent of this time, NAOTO SHIROGANE. It's an other fair win for MITSURU, who dominate the women division of PFL !


-> KANJI TATSUMI defeated JUNPEI IORI easily ! Still undefeated, KANJI could be a serious challenger to face MINATO ARISATO and SOUJI SETA on #PFL2 for the belt. But first, he will have to face the other undefeated fighter of the roster: MITSURU KIRIJO.


-> You choosed MARGARET as TOHRU ADACHI's partner to face MINATO ARISATO and RYOJI MOCHIZUKI at #MEMENTOMORI3 next monday !


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