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THOU ART I 3 (APRIL 7-9, 2016.):


-> To everyone's bewilderment, TOHRU ADACHI crushed TEDDIE ! After his victory, ADACHI announced that he need a partner to enter into the TEAM TOURNAMENT, which start next week on #MEMENTOMORI4 ! According to ADACHI, anyone can do the job, since he could win the team belts alone.


-> NAOTO SHIROGANE defeated METIS. During the fight, MARIE interfering to help NAOTO.


-> Before his match, TAKAYA SAKAKI answered to ADACHI's request, announcing he will be his partner once he broke each and every rotten bones of the useless and pathetic KEN AMADA. As he promise, TAKAYA SAKAKI defeated KEN AMADA, but with the help of the STREGA MEMBERS, CHIDORI, who interfering once against.


-> YUKARI TAKEBA and AIGIS defeated CHIE SATONAKA and YUKIKO AMAGI. After the match, AIGIS said she is a serious fighter who could be the first PFL WOMEN'S CHAMPION. So, next week, she will face two of the very best competitors of PFL. If AIGIS won those both matches, she will face MITSURU KIRIJO on APRIL THE 17th at #PFL2, in a match where the winner will become the first WOMEN'S CHAMPION !


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