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THOU ART I 4 (APRIL 14-16, 2016.):


-> KATSUYA SUOU defeated SUDOU without any difficulties !


-> NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE defeated ULALA SERIZAWA and MAYA AMANO. Therefore they will fight against TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI at #PFL2, which start this SUNDAY, in the first ever TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match !


-> MARGARET had been beaten by AIGIS, which remain undefeated. As she promised, AIGIS defeated all her opponents and deserve a title shot. So, this SUNDAY at #PFL2, AIGIS will face MITSURU KIRIJO for the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP !


-> TATSUYA SUOU defeated one of the most serious competitor here in PFL, in the person of YOSUKE HANAMURA ! This victory give him the right to face the PFL Champion ! So, this SUNDAY at #PFL2 TATSUYA SUOU will face SOUJI SETA and the champion MINATO ARISATO for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP !


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