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THOU ART I 5 (APRIL 28-30, 2016.):


-> ELIZABETH won the 3 WAY match, defeating NAOTO SHIROGANE and MAYA AMANO, two of the very best competitors of the women's division ! ELIZABETH could be a serious challengers to face the Women's champion MITSURU KIRIJO.


-> SOUJI SETA defeated YOSUKE HANAMURA ! During the match, TEDDIE interfered to help YOSUKE, which was close to the win until AKIHIKO SANADA also interfere, helping SOUJI for the win ! SOUJI and AKIHIKO could be a great team as YOSUKE and TEDDIE could be ! That's why next week, SOUJI and AKIHIKO will face YOSUKE and TEDDIE in a team match where the winners will become number one challengers for the PFL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP !


-> KATSUYA SUOU defeated TOHRU ADACHI in this brutal match, which mean he will face his brother TATSUYA SUOU at #MEMENTOMORI6 next monday for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP !! During the match, TAKAYA SAKAKI interfered, attacking his former partner ADACHI, with which he had matters to settle.


-> After the match, KATSUYA SUOU promise that he will honor the name of Suous, like TATSUYA should.


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