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THOU ART I 6 (MAY 5-7, 2016.):


-> Earlier today, a very upset ADACHI asked for a match against TAKAYA SAKAKI with which he has a serious problem who need to be fixed quickly. So next monday on #MEMENTOMORI7, they will fight against each other in a match who may be tense !


-> MINATO ARISATO inflicted a ruthless beat to YOSUKE HANAMURA, without showing any mercy. During the match, Aigis interfered to support MINATO, who doesn't seems to need it. Once the fight was over, MINATO said that he want his rematch against TATSUYA SUOU. He added that he will beat the whole PFL's roster if it necessary to obtain this rematch. TATSUYA SUOU entered into the arena, and answered him that if it's a championship match that he desire, he will indeed have to defeat a lot of guys to deserve it. TATSUYA concludes his speech saying that next week on #MEMENTOMORI7, MINATO ARISATO will face 3 of the very best competitors of the roster. And the winner of this match will become the number one contender to his PFL Championship.


-> NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI defeated YUKARI TAKEBA and YUKIKO AMAGI, showing to everyone they are able to defeat the best. Next week on #THOUARTI7, they will face SOUJI SETA and AKIHIKO SANADA, and the winners of this match will become the numbers one challengers for the Team Championship !


-> MITSURU KIRIJO defeated ELIZABETH in her open challenge to remain our PFL Women's champion ! After her victory in this main event, MITSURU said she will defend her title every week at THOU ART I in her weekly OPEN CHALLENGE ! Who will be the next to challenge her?


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