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THOU ART I 7 (MAY 12-14, 2016.):


-> MAYA AMANO finally won her first match in defeating YUKIKO AMAGI ! After the match, MAYA said that she will never be defeated again, and her goal now is to be the next PFL Women's champion ! After her loss, YUKIKO seems very upset.


-> Against all expectation, NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI dominated the team of SOUJI SETA & AKIHIKO SANADA ! They made a huge impact and seem more than ready for the championship match !


-> The main event was a Women's championship match between the champion MITSURU KIRIJO and CHIE SATONAKA. It was a tense and fair fight, where both seems able to win. But a very upset YUKIKO AMAGI interfered and surprisingly attacked her friend CHIE, causing her the lost. MITSURU who doesn't appreciate that YUKIKO interfered, brutally attacked her until she ran away. Then, MITSURU helped CHIE to get back up, showing her a lot of respect for her match.


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