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THOU ART I 8 (MAY 26-28, 2016.):


-> JUNPEI IORI was finally able to break his losing streak in defeating YOSUKE HANAMURA ! His victory seems like a relief for him, who aspire to become number one challenger for the PFL Championship !


-> The second match of this event opposed SHINJIRO ARAGAKI to KATSUYA SUOU. SHINJIRO was about to win but TAKAYA SAKAKI and TATSUYA SUOU interfered, literally destroyed him, giving KATSUYA the win ! After the match, SHINJIRO tried to stand up and fight back, until CHIDORI and JIN attacked him. Once SHINJIRO was unable to get up, TATSUYA reminded everyone what he promised last monday during MEMENTO MORI 8: that his crew will take the lead of the PFL ! And there is nothing SHINJIRO or anyone else can do about it !


-> As the last three weeks, THOU ART I's MAIN EVENT was a WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP match orchestred by the champion herself, MITSURU KIRIJO ! This time, two competitors answered to MITSURU's challenge: YUKARI TAKEBA and YUKIKO AMAGI. Despite they are teammate, and despite the fact that both cheated during the match, that wasn't enough to defeat the one who seem invisible, MITSURU, who remain our WOMEN'S CHAMPION ! After the match, YUKARI and YUKIKO tried to attack MITSURU in her back but CHIE interfered to prevent that ! Then, MITSURU and CHIE celebrated that victory.



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