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THOU ART I 9 (JUNE 2-4, 2016.):


-> Before the first match began, TOHRU ADACHI entered into the arena with something to said. He came to remind peoples that at #PFL3 he won a match to become number one contender, which gave him the right to challenge the PFL champion anytime, anywhere. The problem is that since this very PFL3, there is no champion anymore ! At first, ADACHI thought that this would be fixed quickly. But this was not the case. And according to ADACHI, it's all TATSUYA's fault. TATSUYA who keep refusing a championship match against MINATO, who keep interfering in any of the tournament matches, who keep running his mouth over and over again. This is a probleme who bothering ADACHI quite a bit. He ended his speech saying that he would have to think at a solution to... "annihilate" this problem.


-> The first fight of the event ended on another surprising victory for AKIHIKO who defeated YOSUKE HANAMURA without any difficulties ! Week after week AKIHIKO feed his winning streak, when YOSUKE failed to end his long winless run...


-> Last monday, SOUJI SETA announced that he need a new team partner to conquer the TEAM division. That's why we scheduled two polls, where you had to vote for SOUJI's next partner ! You choosed CHIE SATONAKA among the first fighters list, and YOSUKE HANAMURA among the second list ! As a result, a new poll will take place this MONDAY on the tenth edition of MEMENTO MORI, where you going to choose the fighter who will team up with SOUJI SETA !


-> The MAIN EVENT of the evening was the fourth MITSURU's open challenge, with the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP on the line ! Contrary to what everybody thought, MAYA AMANO never showed up. It's AIGIS who accepted MITSURU's challenge. This was a tough match, and everybody really thought AIGIS was about to defeat MITSURU and become champion, until MAYA AMANO interfered to attack her, giving the win to MITSURU. After the match, MAYA AMANO said that she planned to accept the challenge when someone -and when she said "someone" she mean AIGIS- attacked her in the back, preventing MAYA to take part in the match. That's why she interfered. But that speech visibly wasn't enough to convince MITSURU, who has summoned her persona to attack MAYA, yelling at her she is nobody here and that she doesn't have the right to interfer in her match. it ended on MITSURU leaving the arena, with MAYA laid down on the ground.



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