Dukkha, l'internet noir.



MEMENTO MORI 11 (JUNE 13-15, 2016.):


-> In the first match of the event, ELIZABETH & MARGARET faced YUKARI TAKEBA & YUKIKO AMAGI. With an easy win, MARGARET and ELIZABETH imposed themself as an important team in PFL. YUKIKO looked pained after her defeat. During their celebration, ELIZABETH et MARGARET where interrupted by EIKISHI MISHINA & LISA SILVERMAN. EIKISHI congratulated them on their victory, but he added that if they want a TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match, they'll have to wait their turn, because EIKISHI & LISA are the N°1 challengers. The current team-champions, NAOTO SHIROGANE et KANJI TATSUMI, irrupted; NAOTO saying that she didn't see any problems with defending their titles against multiple teams. So, the next TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH taking place at #PFL4 will be a 3-WAY TEAM MATCH opposing NAOTO & KANJI versus EIKISHI & LISA versus ELIZABETH & MARGARET !


-> After his defeat at #THOUARTI10, JUN KUROSU, exceded by the incompetency of his teammate SUDOU, decided that to disband, resulting in a confrontation between the two mens, leading to this match. Jun quickly took the advantage, but while he seemed like overpowering his opponent, SUDOU cheating multiple times, turned the tide. JUN did the same leading the match to end in a no contest. This rivalry have to stop. That's why a match will be organised at #PFL4, and the looser of this match will exit PFL once and for all !


-> The main event of MEMENTO MORI 11 was a team match opposing AKIHIKO SANADA & JUNPEI IORI to RYOJI MOCHIZUKI & FUUKA YAMAGISHI. Despite being their first collaboration, the last ones did a pretty good performance, but it wasn't enough to defeat AKIHIKO and JUNPEI, who in only 2 matchs showed a great potential. After the match. Akihiko spoke up to say that if NAOTO and KANJI are able to oppose multiple teams at the same time, one more shouldn't bother them. So this 3-WAY match is now a 4-WAY match !


ANNOUNCEMENT: next thursday THOU ART I 11 will show a foretaste of the 4-WAY TEAM MATCH since NAOTO, EIKISHI MISHINA, ELIZABETH and JUNPEI will do battle.


-> Since #PFL3 , we didn't had any PFL CHAMPIONS, as the last match opposing MINATO ARISATO to TATSUYA SUOU concluded with a draw. We are trying to find a solution, but TATSUYA refuse to do rematch with MINATO as he consider that the title is still his property, since he never really lost it. Moreover, TATSUYA created a clan named « THE RETRIBUTION », whose objectifs are to create chaos, in order to stop the tournament and get back "his" title by force. MINATO, SHINJIRO and ADACHI who hold a grudge against TATSUYA made an alliance to stop him. But the raging conflict being problematic, we decided to remove MINATO and TATSUYA from the championship competition. Their war must then stop. June the 19th at #PFL4, THE RETRIBUTION will take on MINATO, SHINJIRO and ADACHI in the last match that will put an end to the first season !



THOU ART I 10 (JUNE 9-11, 2016.):


-> The team of AKIHIKO SANADA & JUNPEI IORI defeated the team of JUN KUROSU & SUDOU in an one-sided match ! If AKIHIKO and JUNPEI keep up the good teamwork, it may lead them to a championship match soon ! Once AKIHIKO and JUNPEI left the Arena, a disappointed JUN took the floor to announce that he will never team up with Sudou again, adding that he is the worst team partner he had in his whole life.


-> MARGARET and ELIZABETH defeated SOUJI SETA and YOSUKE HANAMURA in their first team match together. This lost was quite unexpected to SOUJI, who really seemed upset, him who wanted to conquer the team division. After the match, SOUJI helped YOSUKE to stand up and then left the arena together.


-> The Main event of THOU ART I 10 was the fifth editions of the MITSURU'S OPEN CHALLENGE. NAOTO SHIROGANE, one part of the team champion, accepted to the challenge ! It was a tough and tense fight as expected, and NAOTO was really close to the win. But once again, MISTURU don't gave up, fighting relentlessly, until NAOTO couldn't continue. MITSURU retain the title, remaining our still undefeated WOMEN'S CHAMPION ! Once the fight over, MAYA AMANO entered into the arena. She came to ask MITSURU a championship match. MITSURU was at first surprise, asking MAYA if she really think herself able to defeat her when even NAOTO failed. MAYA answered that she have no doubt about her abilities, she know that MITSURU is undefeated, but she's not undefeatable. MITSURU claim herself a fighting champion, that's why MAYA want a championship match. MITSURU never defeated MAYA. MITSURU finally accept and gave MAYA a championship match. This match will take place at #PFL4 ! MITSURU, who was about to leave, added that if MAYA dare interrupt her once again, she will be executed.




MEMENTO MORI 10 (JUNE 6-8, 2016.):


-> Before the first match began, AKIHIKO SANADA was seen talking with JUNPEI IORI. AKIHIKO said him that he was very impressed by him during their fight at MEMENTO MORI 9. He then proposes him to be his team partner for a match who will take place at THOU ART I 10 this thursday. Junpei accepted !


-> AIGIS inside the Arena took a few minutes to talk about what happened last week. She said she was surprised to heard that MAYA suspected her to be the one who attacked her before the Open challenge. AIGIS added that if she had to attack someone, she would do it in the Arena, in front of everyone, and not in her back like a coward.


-> The first match opposing AIGIS to MAYA AMANO could finally begin. As expected it was a tense fight, and quite difficult for MAYA who never faced a opponent as tough as AIGIS. But surprisingly she never gave up, fighting back every time. Until MITSURU KIRIJO interfered in the match, distracting MAYA and giving AIGIS the win. MAYA was pretty upset, probably because this match broke her winning streak. MITSURU said to MAYA that now she know how she felt when MAYA interfered in her match, last week. Just before she left the Arena, MITSURU added that she will defend her championship this THURSDAY as always, but none of MAYA or AIGIS are allowed to challenge her. MITSURU ended saying that she dream about an opponent who could gave her a real fight...


-> You voted for YOSUKE HANAMURA to become the new team-mate of SOUJI SETA ! YOSUKE face a hard time at the moment, due to his losing streak who never seems to stop. Will this partnership break his losing streak? We will see tomorrow, when SOUJI SETA and YOSUKE HANAMURA will take on MARGARET and ELIZABETH !


-> The MAIN EVENT of MEMENTO MORI 10 was a team match where MINATO ARISATO and SHINJIRO ARAGAKI facing off against THE RETRIBUTION members JIN SHIRATO and KATSUYA SUOU ! Multiples interruptions was quite predictable with all this growing tension between MINATO and TATSUYA's team since the controversial PFL CHAMPIONSHIP match at PFL3. But it seems that TATSUYA gave the order to not interfer during the match.


MINATO and SHINJIRO great teamwork gave them the win quite easily. KATSUYA was pretty upset with JIN, when MINATO and SHINJIRO celebrate. But the whole RETRIBUTION members finally interfered, inflicting MINATO and SHINJIRO what TATSUYA called a violent retribution, until TOHRU ADACHI unexpectedly interfered as well, and saved MINATO and SHINJIRO, helping them to escape the fight.


Once MINATO, ADACHI and SHINJIRO has left the arena, TATSUYA checked each of his team members, to be sure they are well. Then TATSUYA, with his usual calm but weird voice, summarises the situation, saying that this lost was their first and last. He added that to become stronger, a team have to get rid of its weak link... Each members calmly surrounded JIN, and viciously attacked him during five long minutes, ejecting him from the group. Once that violent attack was over, and JIN unable to stand up, TATSUYA ended his speech saying that this is THE RETRIBUTION 2.0, and they are invincible.



THOU ART I 9 (JUNE 2-4, 2016.):


-> Before the first match began, TOHRU ADACHI entered into the arena with something to said. He came to remind peoples that at #PFL3 he won a match to become number one contender, which gave him the right to challenge the PFL champion anytime, anywhere. The problem is that since this very PFL3, there is no champion anymore ! At first, ADACHI thought that this would be fixed quickly. But this was not the case. And according to ADACHI, it's all TATSUYA's fault. TATSUYA who keep refusing a championship match against MINATO, who keep interfering in any of the tournament matches, who keep running his mouth over and over again. This is a probleme who bothering ADACHI quite a bit. He ended his speech saying that he would have to think at a solution to... "annihilate" this problem.


-> The first fight of the event ended on another surprising victory for AKIHIKO who defeated YOSUKE HANAMURA without any difficulties ! Week after week AKIHIKO feed his winning streak, when YOSUKE failed to end his long winless run...


-> Last monday, SOUJI SETA announced that he need a new team partner to conquer the TEAM division. That's why we scheduled two polls, where you had to vote for SOUJI's next partner ! You choosed CHIE SATONAKA among the first fighters list, and YOSUKE HANAMURA among the second list ! As a result, a new poll will take place this MONDAY on the tenth edition of MEMENTO MORI, where you going to choose the fighter who will team up with SOUJI SETA !


-> The MAIN EVENT of the evening was the fourth MITSURU's open challenge, with the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP on the line ! Contrary to what everybody thought, MAYA AMANO never showed up. It's AIGIS who accepted MITSURU's challenge. This was a tough match, and everybody really thought AIGIS was about to defeat MITSURU and become champion, until MAYA AMANO interfered to attack her, giving the win to MITSURU. After the match, MAYA AMANO said that she planned to accept the challenge when someone -and when she said "someone" she mean AIGIS- attacked her in the back, preventing MAYA to take part in the match. That's why she interfered. But that speech visibly wasn't enough to convince MITSURU, who has summoned her persona to attack MAYA, yelling at her she is nobody here and that she doesn't have the right to interfer in her match. it ended on MITSURU leaving the arena, with MAYA laid down on the ground.




MEMENTO MORI 9 (MAY 30 - JUNE 1, 2016.):


-> MAYA AMANO pursue her winning streak as she defeated ELIZABETH in the first match of this evening. After the match MAYA suggested that she could accept MITSURU'S open challenge for the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP tomorrow !


-> EIKISHI MISHINA and LISA SILVERMAN successfully defeated SOUJI SETA and RISE KUJIKAWA, one of the toughest team of PFL. EIKISIHI and LISA are more than ready to challenge the champions now ! After his lost, SOUJI was really disapointed...


-> The MAIN EVENT of the evening was the first quarter-final of the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT, JUNPEI IORI VS AKIHIKO SANADA. These fighters delivered a great fight, and both deserved to win. But TATSUYA decided otherwise, sending his team (composed of KATSUYA, TAKAYA, CHIDORI and JIN) attack rudely interrupt the match to destroy JUNPEI and AKIHIKO without any mercy . After that violent beating, TATSUYA remembered once again, in a calm but weird voice, what he promised: his team will take the control of PFL. They will interrupt in any further match of this tournament until the PFL gives back TATSUYA his CHAMPIONSHIP. TATSUYA ended his speech saying that they take the law into their hands, they are THE RETRIBUTION, and no one can escape them.




THOU ART I 8 (MAY 26-28, 2016.):


-> JUNPEI IORI was finally able to break his losing streak in defeating YOSUKE HANAMURA ! His victory seems like a relief for him, who aspire to become number one challenger for the PFL Championship !


-> The second match of this event opposed SHINJIRO ARAGAKI to KATSUYA SUOU. SHINJIRO was about to win but TAKAYA SAKAKI and TATSUYA SUOU interfered, literally destroyed him, giving KATSUYA the win ! After the match, SHINJIRO tried to stand up and fight back, until CHIDORI and JIN attacked him. Once SHINJIRO was unable to get up, TATSUYA reminded everyone what he promised last monday during MEMENTO MORI 8: that his crew will take the lead of the PFL ! And there is nothing SHINJIRO or anyone else can do about it !


-> As the last three weeks, THOU ART I's MAIN EVENT was a WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP match orchestred by the champion herself, MITSURU KIRIJO ! This time, two competitors answered to MITSURU's challenge: YUKARI TAKEBA and YUKIKO AMAGI. Despite they are teammate, and despite the fact that both cheated during the match, that wasn't enough to defeat the one who seem invisible, MITSURU, who remain our WOMEN'S CHAMPION ! After the match, YUKARI and YUKIKO tried to attack MITSURU in her back but CHIE interfered to prevent that ! Then, MITSURU and CHIE celebrated that victory.




MEMENTO MORI 8 (MAY 23-25, 2016.):


->MAYA AMANO defeated both METIS and CHIDORI YOSHINO in the first match of this event ! She is now in a wins streak. After the match, she promise to be the one who will put an end to MITSURU KIRIJO's undefeated streak, when she will beat her for the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP !


-> For their beginning as a team, EIKISHI MISHINA and LISA SILVERMAN made a huge impact in defeating Strega members JIN SHIRATO and TAKAYA SAKAKI ! Could they be potential number one challengers for the TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP?


-> The main event of this evening was a PFL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match between the champions NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI and their challengers YOSUKE HANAMURA & TEDDIE ! And that was a one-sided fight, where NAOTO and KANJI showed everybody that they are here to stay, and that it will be difficult to take them their belts !


-> After that all fighters left the arena, TATSUYA SUOU came inside the ring to talk.


He said everybody know why he is here. To get back his PFL CHAMPIONSHIP Belt, which one he never lost. MINATO ARISATO interrupted him, entering into the arena, saying that nobody want to hear him talking about how his life is sad. It's no use to talk, since there is only one simple solution: have a rematch. This is how we will know which deserve to be the PFL Champion. Before MINATO was able to finish his sentence, the three STREGA MEMBERS and KATSUYA SUOU cowardly attacked him in the back, in front of TATSUYA who seems enjoy that.


TATSUYA said that it's indeed no use to talk, since PFL already decided that there will be a tournament for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP, anyway. He add that heard about this tournament got him really angry. But that's not a problem anymore, because TATSUYA, his brother KATSUYA and their new friends the STREGA members will take the lead of the PFL. And nobody can do anything about it !



PFL 3 (MAY 15-21, 2016.):





-> Since #THOUARTI7, when YUKIKO AMAGI cowardly attacked her former friend, CHIE held a grudge against her. CHIE asked for a match, that's why they now face each other in this team match where both must choose a partner.


YUKIKO obviously chose her former team partner, YUKARI TAKEBA. As for CHIE, she said she had found no partner, so this will be a handicap match. But it was without counting the PFL Women's champion, MITSURU KIRIJO who also held a grudge against YUKIKO. So this fight could begin.


It was a tense fight at first, but CHIE and MITSURU have quickly taken the advantage on YUKIKO and YUKARI and won the match.


After the match, YUKIKO said to CHIE she is sorry for what she has done. She overreacted to her lost against MAYA. YUKIKO went to CHIE, asking for a hug. But it was a trap, and YUKIKO brutally attacked CHIE. MITSURU was about to interfering, but YUKARI stopped her by cowardly attacking her in the back. Then, YUKIKO and YUKARI celebrate, leaving CHIE and MITSURU unconscious on the ground.


-> The second match of the Mid Card was about EIKISHI MISHINA debut ! For his first fight, he faced SUDOU. And it was an one-sided fight, to say the least. EIKISHI crushed his opponents. During the fight, LISA SILVERMAN interfered to help EIKISHI.


-> The last fight of the Mid Card ended sadly. During the match opposing AIGIS & METIS to the team of MARGARET & ELIZABETH, ELIZABETH was severly injured, and the fight had to stop, with a victory by forfeit for AIGIS and METIS...




-> TOHRU ADACHI and his former team partner TAKAYA SAKAKI had some problems to settle. But last time they faced each other, they both cheated, and the fight had no sense. This time is the time where everything end once and for all. No wheel of fate allowed, let the best fighter win ! And the best fighter is apparently ADACHI, who defeated TAKAYA quite easily. This victory give him the right to challenge the PFL Champion anytime, anywhere.


-> Despite that JUNPEI IORI and CHIDORI YOSHINO gave everything they have got, it wasn't enough against the very determinated NAOTO SHIROGANE and KANJI TATSUMI who are our news TEAM CHAMPIONS ! Who will be able to defeat this amazing team now?




-> The PFL CHAMPIONSHIP match ended on an unexpected draw ! This is the first time something like this happening. TATSUYA SUOU, as MINATO ARISATO, was unable to defeat his opponent, however this is probably not the most unexpected ! During the match, AIGIS interfered as promised to support MINATO, but KATSUYA SUOU who was injured and which was in conflict with his brother TATSUYA, surprisingly interfered in this match to help him ! Both was about to win. And yet, the match ended on a draw. Since there is no winner, there is no PFL CHAMPION anymore. The CHAMPIONSHIP is now vacant until that the PFL find what to do with this situation !



THOU ART I 7 (MAY 12-14, 2016.):


-> MAYA AMANO finally won her first match in defeating YUKIKO AMAGI ! After the match, MAYA said that she will never be defeated again, and her goal now is to be the next PFL Women's champion ! After her loss, YUKIKO seems very upset.


-> Against all expectation, NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI dominated the team of SOUJI SETA & AKIHIKO SANADA ! They made a huge impact and seem more than ready for the championship match !


-> The main event was a Women's championship match between the champion MITSURU KIRIJO and CHIE SATONAKA. It was a tense and fair fight, where both seems able to win. But a very upset YUKIKO AMAGI interfered and surprisingly attacked her friend CHIE, causing her the lost. MITSURU who doesn't appreciate that YUKIKO interfered, brutally attacked her until she ran away. Then, MITSURU helped CHIE to get back up, showing her a lot of respect for her match.



MEMENTO MORI 7 (MAY 9-11, 2016.):


-> MARGARET defeated MAYA AMANO in the first match of this evening. After her lost, MAYA seems pretty upset. It was her third defeat in a row.


-> After several weeks of rivalry, TOHRU ADACHI finally faced TAKAYA SAKAKI, in a fight where they both cheated at multiple times, until it was too much for ADACHI who lost. After the match, ADACHI said that this victory was unfair and he asked for a rematch, a rematch where the wheel of fate will not allowed !


-> The main event of the evening was the first ever 4 way match of the Personas Fighting League ! And what a match ! MINATO ARISATO defeated AKIHIKO SANADA, KANJI TATSUMI and SHINJIRO ARAGAKI, three of the very best competitors of PFL, quite easily ! Even if KANJI delivered a great fight, it wasn't enough to overcome a very motivated MINATO ! During the match, AIGIS interfered once again to help MINATO, saying she will do everything to help him achieve his goal. After the match, MINATO ARISATO said that nobody can stop him now, he will get back his championship at any cost, and there is nothing TATSUYA can do for prevent it.


-> ANNOUNCEMENT: The rematch between TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI will take place at #PFL3 ! This match will be a fight without any WHEEL OF FATE and the winner will be obtaining a match for the championship of his choice !


-> TATSUYA SUOU who heard everything, entered into the arena. He said that MINATO is as stupid as he look if he really think that he can defeat him so easily. TATSUYA has more than one bag of tricks, and he is clearly ready for the fight ! And this blonde bitch, whatever her name is, who think she could help him is even more stupid. TATSUYA promised that nobody will never take the championship from him !



THOU ART I 6 (MAY 5-7, 2016.):


-> Earlier today, a very upset ADACHI asked for a match against TAKAYA SAKAKI with which he has a serious problem who need to be fixed quickly. So next monday on #MEMENTOMORI7, they will fight against each other in a match who may be tense !


-> MINATO ARISATO inflicted a ruthless beat to YOSUKE HANAMURA, without showing any mercy. During the match, Aigis interfered to support MINATO, who doesn't seems to need it. Once the fight was over, MINATO said that he want his rematch against TATSUYA SUOU. He added that he will beat the whole PFL's roster if it necessary to obtain this rematch. TATSUYA SUOU entered into the arena, and answered him that if it's a championship match that he desire, he will indeed have to defeat a lot of guys to deserve it. TATSUYA concludes his speech saying that next week on #MEMENTOMORI7, MINATO ARISATO will face 3 of the very best competitors of the roster. And the winner of this match will become the number one contender to his PFL Championship.


-> NAOTO SHIROGANE & KANJI TATSUMI defeated YUKARI TAKEBA and YUKIKO AMAGI, showing to everyone they are able to defeat the best. Next week on #THOUARTI7, they will face SOUJI SETA and AKIHIKO SANADA, and the winners of this match will become the numbers one challengers for the Team Championship !


-> MITSURU KIRIJO defeated ELIZABETH in her open challenge to remain our PFL Women's champion ! After her victory in this main event, MITSURU said she will defend her title every week at THOU ART I in her weekly OPEN CHALLENGE ! Who will be the next to challenge her?



MEMENTO MORI 6 (MAY 2-4, 2016.):


-> Before the match, TOHRU ADACHI introduced his new team partner: JUN KUROSU. However, they lost against the new team of YUKARI TAKEBA and YUKIKO AMAGI after that TAKAYA SAKAKI interfered, once again, to attack ADACHI. ADACHI was obviously pissed off.


-> SOUJI SETA and AKIHIKO SANADA defeated YOSUKE HANAMURA and TEDDIE in a great fight ! SOUJI and AKIHIKO made a huge impact in defeating one of the favorite team of the roster. Maybe they could be the next number one challengers for the TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.


-> The MAIN EVENT was a PFL Championship match between two brothers: TATSUYA SUOU (the champion) and KATSUYA SUOU. That was a tense fight, during which MINATO ARISATO, the former champion, interfered to help KATSUYA and take his revenge on TATSUYA. With the help of MINATO, KATSUYA was about to win the match, until he unfortunately broke his ankle, putting an end to the match and to his hopes. The match over, TATSUYA won by forfeit and remain our PFL Champion !


-> After the match, MINATO ARISATO promised to KATSUYA that he will take care of his brother and his championship.


THOU ART I 5 (APRIL 28-30, 2016.):


-> ELIZABETH won the 3 WAY match, defeating NAOTO SHIROGANE and MAYA AMANO, two of the very best competitors of the women's division ! ELIZABETH could be a serious challengers to face the Women's champion MITSURU KIRIJO.


-> SOUJI SETA defeated YOSUKE HANAMURA ! During the match, TEDDIE interfered to help YOSUKE, which was close to the win until AKIHIKO SANADA also interfere, helping SOUJI for the win ! SOUJI and AKIHIKO could be a great team as YOSUKE and TEDDIE could be ! That's why next week, SOUJI and AKIHIKO will face YOSUKE and TEDDIE in a team match where the winners will become number one challengers for the PFL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP !


-> KATSUYA SUOU defeated TOHRU ADACHI in this brutal match, which mean he will face his brother TATSUYA SUOU at #MEMENTOMORI6 next monday for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP !! During the match, TAKAYA SAKAKI interfered, attacking his former partner ADACHI, with which he had matters to settle.


-> After the match, KATSUYA SUOU promise that he will honor the name of Suous, like TATSUYA should.


MEMENTO MORI 5 (APRIL 25-27, 2016.):


-> AKIHIKO SANADA defeated JUN KUROSU. AKIHIKO is on a winning streak. Could he be a serious challenger to face TATSUYA SUOU?


-> During the team match opposing NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE against KEN AMADA and KOROMARU, KEN get injured, which mean NAOTO and MARIE won by forfeit.


-> YUKARI TAKEBA defeated YUKIKO AMAGI. During the match, they both have shown a lot of respect for their opponent and fighted with fairplay.


-> As for the MAIN EVENT, and against all odds, JUNPEI IORI and CHIDORI YOSHINO defeated TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI and became our new PFL TEAM CHAMPIONS ! After the match, ADACHI was very upset and turned his back on TAKAYA, attacking him, and saying he was the worst partner he never seen.


->TATSUYA SUOU is inside the PFL ARENA. You all know it, he became our new PFL CHAMPION at #PFL2. He said he doesn't turn his back to his fans, in fact he did what he did for them. Now that he is the champ, the SUOU ERA begin, and that era will last forever.


KATSUYA SUOU, his brother, interrupt him. KATSUYA said he his surprised and a bit disappointed. Since he his so strong, KATSUYA challenge him in a one on one match for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP.


TATSUYA said that KATSUYA is nobody here, if he want a chance for his championship, he will have to fight for this. But since he his in a good mood, he gave him a chance. If KATSUYA can defeate TOHRU ADACHI tomorrow on #THOUARTI5, then he will have the opportunity to face TATSUYA next monday on #MEMENTOMORI6 for the PFL Championship !


PFL 2 (APRIL 17-23, 2016.):




-> LISA SILVERMAN defeated METIS easily. It's seems that LISA is a serious fighter.


-> JUNPEI IORI and CHIDORI YOSHINO defeated KEN AMADA and KOROMARU in their first team match together. Could they be serious challengers in the team division?


-> TEDDIE won his first match, defeating BAOFU quite easily.





-> TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI became our first team champions, defeating NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE ! After the match, they both cowardly attacked NAOTO and MARIE, leaving them laid on the ground.


-> AIGIS failed to defeat MITSURU KIRIJO, no matter how hard she tried it wasn't enough, letting MITSURU win the championship ! MITSURU KIRIJO is now the first WOMEN'S CHAMPION, and it really seems impossible to defeat her !





-> The main event for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP was a tough fight ! During this match, the three of MINATO ARISATO, SOUJI SETA and TATSUYA SUOU really fighted the harder they could, until TATSUYA cheated against MINATO for the win ! TATSUYA turned his back to his fans and is now our new PFL CHAMPION. MINATO and SOUJI seems very upset and this is clearly not the end of the story !


THOU ART I 4 (APRIL 14-16, 2016.):


-> KATSUYA SUOU defeated SUDOU without any difficulties !


-> NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE defeated ULALA SERIZAWA and MAYA AMANO. Therefore they will fight against TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI at #PFL2, which start this SUNDAY, in the first ever TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match !


-> MARGARET had been beaten by AIGIS, which remain undefeated. As she promised, AIGIS defeated all her opponents and deserve a title shot. So, this SUNDAY at #PFL2, AIGIS will face MITSURU KIRIJO for the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP !


-> TATSUYA SUOU defeated one of the most serious competitor here in PFL, in the person of YOSUKE HANAMURA ! This victory give him the right to face the PFL Champion ! So, this SUNDAY at #PFL2 TATSUYA SUOU will face SOUJI SETA and the champion MINATO ARISATO for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP !


MEMENTO MORI 4 (APRIL 11-13, 2016.):


-> YOSUKE HANAMURA take his revenge from their first encounter in defeating KANJI TATSUMI.


-> TOHRU ADACHI and TAKAYA SAKAKI defeated JUN KUROSU and SUDOU. ADACHI and TAKAYA seems pretty confident in their victory at this tournament. They will face the winner of the team match opposing NAOTO SHIROGANE and MARIE to ULALA SERIZAWA and MAYA AMANO at #PFL2 for the team championship !


-> AIGIS has beaten CHIDORI until she gave up ! She want to be the first PFL women's champion, and she is ready to do everything to achieve her goal. Tomorrow, on #THOUARTI4, the final step before #PFL2, AIGIS will face MARGARET. And the winner of this match will face MITSURU KIRIJO at PFL2 in a match where the WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP will be on the line !


-> For his debut, TATSUYA SUOU making a huge impact defeating SHINJIRO ARAGAKI ! Since TATSUYA and YOSUKE both won their match, they will face each other tomorrow on #THOUARTI4, and the winner of this match will face MINATO ARISATO and SOUJI SETA for the PFL CHAMPIONSHIP !!


THOU ART I 3 (APRIL 7-9, 2016.):


-> To everyone's bewilderment, TOHRU ADACHI crushed TEDDIE ! After his victory, ADACHI announced that he need a partner to enter into the TEAM TOURNAMENT, which start next week on #MEMENTOMORI4 ! According to ADACHI, anyone can do the job, since he could win the team belts alone.


-> NAOTO SHIROGANE defeated METIS. During the fight, MARIE interfering to help NAOTO.


-> Before his match, TAKAYA SAKAKI answered to ADACHI's request, announcing he will be his partner once he broke each and every rotten bones of the useless and pathetic KEN AMADA. As he promise, TAKAYA SAKAKI defeated KEN AMADA, but with the help of the STREGA MEMBERS, CHIDORI, who interfering once against.


-> YUKARI TAKEBA and AIGIS defeated CHIE SATONAKA and YUKIKO AMAGI. After the match, AIGIS said she is a serious fighter who could be the first PFL WOMEN'S CHAMPION. So, next week, she will face two of the very best competitors of PFL. If AIGIS won those both matches, she will face MITSURU KIRIJO on APRIL THE 17th at #PFL2, in a match where the winner will become the first WOMEN'S CHAMPION !


MEMENTO MORI 3 (APRIL 4-6, 2016.):


-> CHIE SATONAKA defeated YUKARI TAKEBA, helped by her friend YUKIKO AMAGI ! During the match, AIGIS interfered to attack CHIE, but it wasn't enough to avoid YUKARI a loss. As a rematch, CHIE SATONAKA and YUKIKO AMAGI will face YUKARI TAKEBA and AIGIS this thursday, on #THOUARTI3 !


-> MITSURU KIRIJO won the fight against KANJI TATSUMI and remain undefeated !


Because of your votes, PFL will soon have a Women's championship ! So, on April the 17th at #PFL2, MITSURU KIRIJO will have a chance to become the first Women champion of the Personas Fighting League !


-> TOHRU ADACHI and MARGARET have been destroyed by the team of MINATO ARISATO and RYOJI MOCHIZUKI ! During this main event, PHAROS interfered to help MINATO and RYOJI with his skills, and as a finishing shot, RYOJI cheated, buring all of their opponents hopes. MINATO, RYOJI and PHAROS seems invincible !


-> NEXT monday on #MEMENTOMORI4 will begin a teams tournament, which will ending on #PFL2. And the winners of this event will be crowned first PFL TEAM CHAMPION !


THOU ART I 2 (MARCH 31- APRIL 2, 2016.):


-> AKIHIKO SANADA defeated TAKAYA SAKAKI once again, ending this rivalry on a win. During the match, SHINJIRO ARAGAKI and SOUJI SETA interfering to help their friend AKIHIKO !


-> MITSURU KIRIJO defeated her opponent of this time, NAOTO SHIROGANE. It's an other fair win for MITSURU, who dominate the women division of PFL !


-> KANJI TATSUMI defeated JUNPEI IORI easily ! Still undefeated, KANJI could be a serious challenger to face MINATO ARISATO and SOUJI SETA on #PFL2 for the belt. But first, he will have to face the other undefeated fighter of the roster: MITSURU KIRIJO.


-> You choosed MARGARET as TOHRU ADACHI's partner to face MINATO ARISATO and RYOJI MOCHIZUKI at #MEMENTOMORI3 next monday !


MEMENTO MORI 2 (MARCH 28-30, 2016.):


-> MITSURU KIRIJO defeated the very popular CHIE SATONAKA ! It seems MITSURU could be a serious challenger, that's why she will face an other popular fighter tomorrow on #THOUARTI2 : NAOTO SHIROGANE !


-> Despite the fact that STREGA cheated, SOUJI SETA won this match, during which AKIHIKO interfering to help him ! Because of this victory, SOUJI SETA will face the champion, MINATO ARISATO, for the PFL Championship as number one challenger, on April the 17th ! SOUJI SETA and AKIHIKO SANADA are now allies, and they will be add on the Wheel of Fate !


-> TOHRU ADACHI cheated during his fight against RYOJI MOCHIZUKI, and crushed him ! It's the second win of ADACHI! After the fight, RYOJI asked for a rematch, and he will have it ! But this time, it will be a team match, which will take place on #MEMENTOMORI3 next monday !


The PFL Champion, MINATO ARISATO, will team up with RYOJI MOCHIZUKI to face TOHRU ADACHI and a partner of your choice !!


Yes, it's right, YOU will decide who will be the partner of ADACHI ! Tomorrow, on #THOUARTI2, you will vote for this !


THOU ART I 1 (MARCH 24-26, 2016.):


- TOHRU ADACHI crushed the young KEN AMADA without no pity !


- YOSUKE HANAMURA failed in his road to the belt, and lost against KANJI TASTUMI. May KANJI be a serious challenger to face MINATO ARISATO?


- AKIHIKO SANADA and his friend SHINJIRO ARAGAKI defeated TAKAYA SAKAKI and JIN SHIRATO. During the match, CHIDORI interfered once again, providing support to her mates, almost giving them the victory. But SOUJI SETA, who was out since his loss against MINATO ARISATO, interfered in the match as well, kicked out CHIDORI and gave AKIHIKO and SHINJI the win !


MEMENTO MORI 1 (MARCH 21-23, 2016.):


- ELIZABETH took her revenge on MARGARET and defeated her in a great match !


- AKIHIKO defeated TAKAYA in a brutal fight, during which SHINJIRO, JIN and CHIDORI interfered one after an other. This war between those fighters will ending on #THOUARTI1, tomorrow, in the first team match of PFL !


-YOSUKE defeated JUNPEI ! YOSUKE could really be a serious challenger for the PFL Belt !!


PFL 1 (MARCH 20, 2016.):


- MARGARET defeated ELIZABETH. ELIZABETH already asked for a rematch , rematch who will take place tomorrow during the first #MEMENTOMORI !


- YOSUKE defeated AKIHIKO easily ! Maybe YOSUKE could be a great number one challenger for the PFL Championship in a near futur !


- TAKAYA defeated SHINJIRO by cheating. Will SHINJIRO ask for a rematch?


- MAIN EVENT: MINATO ARISATO became our first PFL CHAMPION after defeating SOUJI SETA ! It was a tough match ! Now, SOUJI will have to fight hard if he want a new title shot.


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